Your Success is the Goal

Who We Are

Family owned and operated. Our team has over 30 plus years of experience. We put our clients first. Base in the southeast, our work ethic and knowledge is the foundation of our company. Thank You, Dan C. Owner PSTNC

Our Commitment

To provide our clients with the products, solutions and service that best meets their needs. Offer competitive pricing backed by excellent customer support. Always be in leading edge of new technology.

What We Provide

Multifamily Solutions, Microsoft Application Support,  Remote or Onsite IT Service, Work Stations Management, Windows Patch Management, Physical Hardware, Keyless Locks and More. 

Today is an opportunity

Take advantage of our knowledge and network of contacts nationwide.

IT Service


A good plan will benefit your business. Vision will help growth in the future.

We have a great opportunity for clients that want to upgrade infrastructure or become more streamlined. The benefits ultimately is the growth and economic stability of your company.

let us Navigate thru the traffic

We Do The heavy Lifting

In The lead

Technology Is always evolving . With new products and software being released daily we navigate through this vast sea for you. It’s our job. Legacy planning is always in play.